Tire marks from the bus Derek Chauvin was thrown under keep building up. A juror LIED on the questionnaire. He actually PARTICIPATED IN BLM MARCHES. He also went on a podcast and said "WE GOTTA GET ON THESE JURIES TO EFFECT CHANGE." When informed he got snagged, the lying juror did not deny attending the rally and dressing up in BLM attire. He DEFENDED HIS PARTICIPATION THERE. Even George Floyd's family ADDRESSED THE CROWD. Before the trial, a moronic judge REFUSED TO CHANGE VENUE and even REFUSED TO SEQUESTER THE JURY. Chauvin had no prayer of getting a fair trial in Minneapolis. There was also prosecutorial misconduct and seriously inept defense. In Criminal Law 101 this would be an obvious MISTRIAL or at least grounds for successful appeal. However, the obviously rigged trial has been so unfair up to this point, even this may not matter. The government will probably try to keep Chauvin in jail and continue denying his rights. Reverse people's colors and this looks just like 1950s Alabama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS5nQh7AwCM&list=PLNXlIeYUj-MGPOas8D5yIZUEMpShp-Z6b&index=1