In honor of Florida banning vaccine passports with legislation, here is a post with links to every states Find You Legislator pages. Find yours, call, and don’t stop calling till this fascist system is banned outright through legislation.
Find your legislator and call them NON STOP! Usually you get their personal number off these sites. Let them know Vaccine Passports will not be tolerated. We need one state to ban all businesses from using vaccine passports. Just one state. The more states and community that do this, the more difficult it is to implement. After you do that, then move on to your local county and municipality to do the same. Each and every community counts. California Oregon Washington Arizona Nevada Utah Alaska Hawaii Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Tennessee Kentucky Illinois Indiana Wisconsin Michigan Ohio West Virginia Virginia North Carolina Georgia Florida Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine