Ace Albums (please note that many of these bands have multiple phenomenal albums but I've decided to settle on one each and you can listen to them if you like my suggestions): "How Fleeting, How Fragile" by Time the Valuator "C'est la Vie" by Novelists "The Dark Pool" by Thornhill "Terra" by Johari "Alien" by Northlane "The Will to Rebuild" by For All Eternity "Imposter" by Kmac2021 "Sonder" by Tesseract "The Madness of Many" by Animals as Leaders "Heliospectrum" by Auras "The Way It Ends" by Currents "Eggy Pocket" by Bilmuri "Afterburner" by Dance Gavin Dance "Utopia" by Distorted Harmony "Drift" by Erra "Zenith Rise" by I Built the Sky "Reroute to Remain" by In Flames "The Shape of Colour" by Intervals "Headspace" by Issues "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage "Malina" by Leprous "Manmade God" by Manmade God "Juggernaut" by Periphery "Impulse Voices" by Plini "Sunshine Dust" by Skyharbor "Spiritbox" by Spiritbox "Dreaming is Sinking/Waking is Rising" by Dayseeker "The Light Years" by Aviations "D.V.S.R" by DVSR "Chains For the Sea" by Halocraft "Stillworld" by Invent Animate "I Let It in and it Took Everything" by Loathe "New World Shadows" by Omnium Gatherum "Mutiny Within" by Mutiny Within "Year Zero" by Nine Inch Nails "Watershed" by Opeth "The Death of Me" by Polaris "Dark Matter Dimensions" by Scar Symmetry "Alpha" by Sevendust "Sundowning" by Sleep Token "Sworn to a Great Divide" by Soilwork "Irony Is A Dead Scene" by Dillinger Escape Plan "Hymn Of A Broken Man" by Times of Grace "Haven't Been Myself" by Too Close to Touch "Masstaden" by Vildhjarta "Odyssey - Destroyer of Worlds" by Voices From the Fuselage "No Sleep" by Volumes "Supreme Chaos" by War of Ages "Invade" by Within the Ruins "Illusions" by Eleventh Vibration "Apocryphal Gravity" by Hubris "Helios Erebus" by God is an Astronaut "When the End Began" by Silent Planet "Odyssey to the West" by Slice the Cake "These Are Not Your Dreams" by Sleepmakeswaves "On Circles" by Caspian "Pathways" by The Amnesia Cycle "It Starts From Pieces" by Distant Dream "Hatefiles" by Fear Factory "Matriarch" by Veil of Maya "Waves" by Echo Atom "Ummon" by Slift "Tethra" by Tethra "Nothing Lasts, Nothing's Lost" by Jakub Zytecki "Ruins" by Daniel Tompkins "Stellar Sense" by So Far As I Know "Yeah, Whatever" by Owane "A Pale Blue Dot" by Dreamshade