sure wish mankind was like unified or something yknow, set on not only perseverance but also, idk, protecting the only planet we live on at the moment advancing medicine and science to levels once thought science fiction loving and tolerating more or something instead we're all divided and racist for some reason and there's people out there who think BLM is legit or that Biden/Pelosi/Fauci have ascended to godhood and breathe through a mask when they're home alone instead we let anti-human rights terrorist regimes like the CCP exist instead we continue to let the US government fuck over it's citizens instead we cry and throw violent tantrums because of silly made-up gender garbage instead we let ill-informed troglodytes make all the decisions on how we should change society because 1 minority voice was offended by an obscure joke/meme/ad lib instead we let Epstein's Hollywood friends continue to molest and rape abducted children there's a lot more to list but whatever you get the point it's all so dumb why can't y'all just be focused on the species as a whole and not made-up idealism that accomplishes nothing but senseless slaughter and slavery (as history would show)