Farm Life

Growing up on a farm, I always knew what an effort it was to grow out of the land. But I realized that the effort quadruples in the Himalaya. The past few years I documented some of the highest farms in the world. During summers, when the snow melts on these mountains, the local communities practice farming. Depending on where they are in the higher Himalaya, they grow a few cash crops like potatoes, barley, and green peas. Both men and women do all the muscle work like plowing, sowing, and harvesting, but women are responsible for maintaining the crop. In this picture, a bunch of women are removing weeds from their crops during summer in the Spiti Valley. Their faces somehow don't tell the story of the hardship and the level of uncertainty that climate brings in for these people. I saw crops spoil due to unexpected snowfall, and I saw truckfuls of harvest spoil due to roadblocks. But they still take a chance on their farms every year, just like all the farmers in this world. Photo by Prasenjeet Yadav