I don't care if you don't like him BUT, All he is really doing is POINTING TO A SOURCE Something you could easily VERIFY I have even told you, Long Ago, but really who listens to a Redneck with Functioning Brain and just easily point to LOGIC and REASONING to Solve to see the GAME Being Played, really Everyone is telling you NOW. Don't even trust US, just VERIFY pretty much Anything to find out how TRUTHFUL WE are Being. Why should we care? We are Human and Care for our fellow Countrymen and this is just so EASY to see. Maybe because I've always done my own homework and Verify before I ever say a Word, really I don't talk very much, but when Leaders don't do what needs done, its in my nature to speak up. Might as well throw Q in there also.? You can't get as many Proofs as we have seen without it being real, but what you know doesn't matter the only thing that matters is ACTIONS and KNOWLEDGE. I focus on Principles or Maxims those things you don't have to prove, because they have been Proofed so many times, its just a Simple FACT. In order to save you children, its the Adults that have to hear, listen, and Act because only you can save yourself, and you need Knowledge to do it. We do caution that most truth is only Half Truth, that is your step toward practicing Perspectives, only you are hearing Lies because you trusted TV News and never questioned or Verified; and they rely on you apathy for it to work. I'm just 1, you make 2 reading this far, and 3 makes ALL. There are so many Awake Now...but not enough still because I've seen the lines getting tested or jab. We only see a small handful on-line fall, but there are many you don't see. https://cantcensortruth.com/watch?id=608f60821dc06c09fe4b505c