There has been a lot of feedback over the changes we made last week to the engagement rewards, both positive and negative. While some of you disagree with the change, it has already drastically improved the feeds and ensuring that fraudulent channels are not gaining a large share of the reward pool inauthentically, and authentic users are earning more. So while our solution is not perfect, it has significantly protected the economy more than before, as it is now much more costly for bots or spammers to manipulate the system. After doing my best to sort through the comments, it seems that there are two main areas of concern that we need to work to find a solution for. 1. Make it easier to buy Minds+ or Pro with tokens ( 2. Find a way to trust the engagement of non-paying users while still protecting against fraudulent behavior ( If you have ideas or want to help solve these issues, please comment your thoughts on the gitlab task. Please try to only use Gitlab for constructive commentary and not spam or complaints, as these are complex topics. Thanks.