One group is organizing an event to think of our own counter great reset May 15, 2021 About This Event The world is in a deep, systemic crisis, both economically and environmentally. “We can emerge from this crisis a better world, if we act quickly and jointly,” writes Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab urges us to “reimagine and reset our world.” It is time, he says, to recreate capitalism into “stakeholder capitalism.” It is time to “create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.” But will the WEF agenda achieve what it promises to deliver? Economist Richard Wolff, says the Great Reset is not the kind of alternative we need. Wolff thinks that the current economy has largely failed us in creating economic democracy and sustainability. He suggests looking beyond corporate capitalism for answers. We agree, and we suggest that we need to look beyond a global reset to more structural changes to our economic and environmental policies. Anything less will be just more of the same—reforms without creating fundamental systems change. Environmental activist Vandana Shiva compares the Great Reset to the Green Revolution, which has not been a sustainable solution to the world’s food problems. The new agenda of the WEF will continue to maintain this “extraction machine and the private ownership of life,” she writes. Corporations and governments have indeed been trying to green the planet with sustainable capitalism for the past 40 years, but with mixed results at best. Meanwhile, the systemic crises of economic inequality and environmental destruction have only become more entrenched. It is time we look for deeper solutions.
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