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The Last Bee

Once upon a time...in a world now dead, gone and forgotten...there was a Bee. And one bright and sunny day this particular Bee was flying from flower to flower, collecting honey, exactly as the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, had planned for Bees to do. Nothing unusual in this scenario, no? No. Except that this Bee was the last Bee on the planet. And as the Bee flew from flower to flower it collected not just honey but also a little bit of pesticide here, a little bit of herbicide there and God knows what other toxic, life-destroying chemicals. Soon, the Bee sickened and weakened, its immune system destroyed, like all the Bees before it, by a Hell's Brew of poisonous products produced (at huge profit, it has to be admitted) by Big Agro and Big Pharma in their psychopathic pursuit of profit, profit and more profit and damn the consequences. The Bee fell to the ground. Walked in a circle, dazed, confused and unknowing of the evil and greed of men. It stopped, rolled over, kicked its legs feebly. And died. And thus it was that the last Bee left this world, and that the Beauty of Bees was stolen from the Universe for ever. Witnessing the death of the last Bee, plants across the world cried, for they knew that without bees they, too, would soon die. Upon seeing the plants cry, the insects cried for they knew that without plants, they too would soon die. Upon seeing the insects cry, the birds cried for they knew that without insects, they too would soon die. Upon seeing the birds cry, the animals cried for they knew that without birds, they too would soon die. And then the fish cried, and the Oceans and the Mountains and the Clouds and the Stars in the sky and even the Universe itself cried and the sound they all made together was a sad, bittersweet, utterly heart breaking requiem for a world that would soon no longer be, for the loss of all that had been and all that could have been. There was, however, one creature upon the face of the world that did not cry. Humanity. For humanity was too stupid to realise that it, too, was now on a fast-track, one way road to extinction. It was far too busy to think about a dying bee; too absorbed in iDiotphones and FakeBook and Unsocial Media and Moronical Super Heroes and Zombies and the farcical, money-driven pantomime that is politics and Bling and Celebrity and the smooth, glib lies of the Talking Head on the TV as it read out the 'news'.