I was a military man and the world was in chaos, bombs visibly going off outside of my perfect suburban home. I heard a huge crash one morning and leapt out of bed to find that an alien ship had crash landed in my yard! Fearing radiation or a toxic leak I took my daughter and went into the bunker I had installed years ago in the back yard. We waited there for a while until our food became low. I wondered what I would do to feed my daughter? I had heard on the HAM radio that the military was recruiting soldiers...but what about an old useless soldier and his young daughter? Knowing that I was not worth the rescue in such a high risk war zone I knew I had to make picking us up an irresistible deal. Looking at my daughters face I knew what I had to do. I had one radiation suit but even opening the door was a risk. Starvation or potential radiation exposure? Died or...maybe, possibly not die? I knew what I had to do. I put on the suit like a man, like a father and went to the only source of valuable tactical information I had available. The ship in my front yard. I began dismantling it and soon realized that yes this would be valuable beyond measure, irresistible to the military. I rushed back to the bunker with new hope. Calling out on the radio I told the military about my situation, where I was and the ship I had been literally gifted from above. To my immense relief the military said they were on their way and had plenty of room for an old military man and his daughter! Joy washed over me and I hugged my daughter knowing I would not have to watch her suffer and die. The last message I received from the military that day was to stand by and not approach the ship as it may be radioactive or toxic. But having a suit and having already gone near it once I knew it was safe. After being cooped up for months I was full of excitement and hope so I went out there again anyways. Who wouldn't want to see the inside of an alien ship after all? The military would probably whisk it away and he would be left curious for the rest of his life. I worked for a few hours before gaining access to the ship and stepped hesitantly, trembling with excitement and trepidation into the ship. Expecting, perhaps little green men, I was disappointed to find an empty cock pit. But the tech! Oh the tech was amazing! I took apart the navigation systems and nearly fainted when I found a sticker labeled 'Made In China'. The voice over the HAM radio telling me to stand by and not go near the ship sprang to mind. I had to tell them this was an international attack! Running to the HAM radio I clicked the radio on once...but the words wouldn't come out. I...wondered...if...they already knew? I stopped and put the radio down. I needed to think about this. What to do? Well...don't panic. Don't do that. I know that much.