Caturday for me means music, music, music! I don't homeschool, and except for cooking, it's a ME day. When I was interviewed by @Censorshipsucks, I mentioned some people who have been great friends over my years here on Minds. I forgot at least two and probably lots more. (Oh wow, did I!) Special thanks go out to @mindsprome, who has also been there for me, for a long time. Last night, when I felt I couldn't take one more breath, the pain was so intense, he saw my post of Bill Withers' Lean on Me, and gave me a few songs to listen to. I'd never heard of the artist he highly recommended, Jane Siberry. As I listened, the pain gradually faded down to a livable point. I also forgot @ladyred, who has been a fabulous friend since my earliest days here. She lives with pain, too! She always seems to post something that brightens my day. She was there for me when Gizmo died, even sent real money to my GoFundMe page I made to pay the veterinarian bills.. She truly is a sweetheart of Minds. I'm sure there are more I can't recall, but to everyone here who has said a kind word when I needed it, or made me laugh when I felt I couldn't, thank you so very much! p.s. I knew I forgot some people. @truthreigns is another one! They understand the walk of us who follow The Way and gave me great information as well as comfort. Also thanks to Inquisitor_Firebrand, who truly makes me laugh. Thank you to @Robert194622 for being a loyal friend. I can't leave out @KyleSislerJATWC, who shares the love of music and is a wealth of information for me about how to grow marijuana at home for my pain. And @Eric714, who makes beautiful music on his guitar. @Maximillian is yet another one, I lost touch with them for a bit, but I remember your kindness too. *Oh my goodness, my very favorite person on Minds is back. This man almost singlehandedly kept my spirits up when NO ONE else knew what was going on in my life except for my son and grandson. Welcome back, @JudahKessler! **Another one I missed! @thatwilldo has a great channel and we've had lots of conversations. He's a fellow Illinoisan too.