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Covid Vaccination Contradiction!

Yeh, that's right - you eat 'healthy', you exercise, you don't smoke, don't drink too much, avoid meat, watch your weight....you do all these things because you think they'll keep you healthier and that you'll live a longer and happier life. And then the scamdemic came along and the 24/7 fear porn and you thought, yeh well, it must be right, we are in a deadly pandemic and we are all going to die, cos it says so on CNN...unless we take the vaxassasination like our Beloved Leaders tell us (because they always, always have our best interest at heart, right? and are definitely NOT owned lock, stock and barrel by inhuman, psychopathic, vaccine-investing, satanic billionaires like Bill 'Kill The Poor' Gates). And suddenly, it seemed eminently reasonable, despite your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, to allow yourself to be injected with and untested, experimental, gene altering vaxassasination. Oh dear....