ENERGY When the tree is overflowing with vitality it blooms and flowers. Flowers are a luxury. Only when you have too much and you cannot contain it, do they burst forth. Spirituality is a flowering - it is the ultimate luxury. If you are overflowing with vitality, only then does something like a golden flower bloom in you. William Blake was right when he said, "Energy is delight. "The more energy you have, the more delight you will have. Despair comes because energy goes on leaking, and people have forgotten how to contain it. In a thousand and one thoughts, worries, desires, imagination, dreams, memories, energy is leaking. And energy is leaking in unnecessary things that can be easily avoided. When there is no need to talk, people go on talking. When there is no need to do anything, they cannot sit silently; they have to “do.” People are obsessed with doing, as if doing is a sort of intoxicant; it keeps them drunk. They remain occupied so that they don't have time to think about the real problems of life. They keep themselves busy so that they don't bump into themselves. They are afraid - afraid of the abyss that is yawning within. This is how energy goes on leaking, and this is why you never have too much of it. One has to learn to drop the unnecessary. And ninety percent of ordinary life is unnecessary; it can easily be dropped. Be almost telegraphic, keeping just the essential, and you will have so much energy left that one day you will suddenly start blooming, for no reason at all. ~ Osho