Someone who claims they are an ex-Silicon Valley executive tried to warn Mike Lindell ("MyPillow" and new social media platform "FrankSpeech") and the commenter say he also tried to warn "Parler's" ex-CEO John about how Sicion Valley operates. I just thought it was interesting so I post his/her comment here: "I tried to warn John (ex CEO of Parler). I tried to warn Lindell. The way that Silly Con Valley and Wall Street collude to deplatform their competitors runs far deeper and is far more insidious than these guys are prepared to deal with. I am a recently-former Valley exec who knows quite well precisely how they collude without conspiring, so as to skirt the edge of regulatory enforcement. Simply protecting yourself from being removed from a service provider only helps with about 10% of the total problem. Bear in mind that, from the moment you appear on their radar, you are being gaslit by the seditious media to create “an official record” that can and will be referred to by everyone from platform providers to content distribution networks to routing centers to bandwidth providers to payment processors to banks to legal, accounting and payroll service providers. They will use the media defamation to claim their decision is “a valid business decision”, which is why regulators can’t so easily smack them down. It is frustrating to continually watch company after company and well meaning founder after well meaning founder fail. At this point, only Tobias with Gab has managed to resist — and he and his platform have paid a very deep price in terms of reputation to achieve that. How many of you use Gab? Or LBRY? Or transact in XRP? I’d wager virtually none of you. You are enabling this system to persist because you don’t educate yourselves enough to avoid making money for the bad guys. I really wish ET would allow someone like me (no I’m not pitching for myself, I don’t need the headaches) to write a series describing the problem and how the average person can help solve it".