The other day, some moron on minds told me some moronic thing… (go figure...) The guy made a post advocating to go fight hopeless battles with the incentive that somehow, people will remember your valor. 1st : Don’t!!! Go read Sun Tzu ‘’Art of War’’ and learn that only losers fight hopeless battles. Winner choose their battles. 2nd : Anyone advocating that you should fight on social media is a goddamn Fed trying to get you to say something you will regret. I left a comment making the case that fighting hopeless causes is stupid and that people who do so are throwing their lives away, so their existance and their silly sacrifice is inconsequential in the end. He replied that people have no choice but to fight; that there was nowhere to go to and that they would get me in the end and some 1776 bullshit (obviously his brain was fried by listening to too much Alex Jones). I will do a public service. Please don’t listen to morons like that. They will only get you killed and the ones who will tell history will say that you were a Nazi and that you deserved to die. Look at the map attached to this post. Go ANYWHERE, in the zone I have outlined and no one will come looking for you. You can form a community, make your Libertarian Utopia and have your cripto currency if you want. No one is going to stop you. You don’t even have to apply for citizenship. Even if the government sees you from space, it won’t bother with you because you because doing so would be more trouble than it is worth. You just live a peaceful life while the Marxists starve to death. Then you win. So yeah… I hope some people who were going to listen to the warmongering moron read my post and that I saved their lives. You’re welcome =D Gato Villano