My dog after a hike. She found some mud, got some on her and left her paw prints on the blanket. She came from a bad home. Her original owner dumped her with his mom (He fled from a drug charge) His mom was a hoarder and she was almost feral when she was rescued. I met her just after they put her up for adoption. The lady kept steering me away from her. She was listed as "Special Needs". I met her, spent time with her. We went there 3 times with our other dog so they could meet. She climbed in my lap the last time we saw her. The volunteers and the director hadn't seen her do that with anyone. I adopted her. I couldn't get her out of my mind once I met her. She was actually about to be put down because she refused to eat or interact with the humans. She started eating a little and then I came along. When we got her, you could see her ribs and back bone. She was so skinny. She has anxiety and panic attacks. She gets freaked out when she goes on rides, but she is always eager to go. She is more excited to get home after an outing. When we get home from work, she always waits by the door to make sure I come in. She always has to have a ball in her mouth when she gets excited and plays. She is such a sweet little goof.