The Bread-Disease Connection

Disclaimer: My Purpose is not to denigrate these individuals, I'm sure many of them are great people. I am strictly speaking of biological ideals, chronic pathogenesis, and causal factors, each human must mske their own decisions about environment and inputs. The Bread-Disease Connection can also be the Grain/Yeast-Disease Connection, But Bread and Yeast are probably the worst offenders of that set. Animal tracking changed the way I see the world. No longer is everything completely abstract and mysterious. There is a thread that can be followed to the causal root of everything in life. Today I want to demonstrate how we can know there is something gravely wrong with daily, chronic consumption of baked goods as it relates to our health. In the process of healing myself of leaky gut and all kinds of autoimmune diseases I endeavored to understand what caused them. Time and time again bread, grains, starches, sugars and a overabundance of yeasts came up as culprits (although in the end, the real culprit is the consumer). Animal tracking, which came after my health revolution, gave me the tools to perceive the manifestation of the problems tht come from consuming large amounts of bread and sugar. I began to pay attention to people who owned, ran, or worked in, estsblishments that dealt in large amounts of baked goods, especially bread and pastries. I quickly, and I mean very quickly, noticed a disturbing trend. Virtually everyone involved with these venues exhibited one or more telltale signs of bread related pathology. I have assembled these pics I got from DuckDuckGo, from which I did not have to cherry pick. Indeed it was more a problem of not being able to portray the sheer multitude of examples, and having to leave out a ton. In the pics here in this collage I have made every single one of these individuals, which is sometimes the entire team of a given bakery, show signs of chronic inflammation and other pathologies which I will list now: °Red Skin °Obesity °Thin, Papery Skin °Pattern Baldness °Anemic looking palid skin °Jaundiced looking skin °Dull Teeth °Adult Acne °Red or Patches Around Eyes °Gauntness Both being rail thin, and obese or heavy are indicators because different people are affected differently due to their metabolism viz a viz their genes and epigenome. My baby brother and I respond by being stick thin and not being able to gain weight, as do several bakers in the small town near us. But I would say it is much more common for there to be excess fat, especially in the belly, uterus(chronic inflammation), and chin area. If you live by a big city with lots of bakeries, you can easily prove this to yourself by getting on your bicycle on a pleasant day, and riding systemstically thru town, poking your head quickly into each bakery and taking note of how many people exhibit these signs. You will not get different results. I can probably do this same thing for breweries, wineries and confections/candy shops. The common threads are starches, sugars, yeasts, grains