I've been meaning to post the results of the 99¢ sale that I ran on Arcane Gateway back in the beginning of April, but I keep forgetting. Sorry, everyone! 😬 Newsletter promos used: 4 Total price paid for promos: $69 Number of eBooks sold: 28 Gross income: $9 ROI: 13% Pretty sad-looking, if I do say so myself. 😞 I believe that I gained about the same number of sales from posting on FB, Minds, Parler, and Gab as I did from running the newsletters. As for the newsletters themselves, the 2 listed below didn't net me a cent. Therefore, use at your own risk (I'd suggest you don't bother). GeektasticBooks [for sci-fi/fantasy, some say this one works for freebies] AuthorsXP [for any genre] I did see a few sales from the following 2 newsletters: ManyBooks [for any genre, need 5 reviews on Zon to qualify] Ebookaroo [sci-fi/fantasy, this one is FREE] It was certainly a new experience, running a sale on all platforms. I'll probably do it again after I have more books out, since read-through is often key to netting a positive ROI. I'll definitely apply for Ebookaroo again, whether I'm running a freebie or just a sale; it got me my first sale from Australia. 🥳 Now I'm trying out Amazon ads (with no results yet), but at this point in my career, I think the key is to get more of my series out. So that's where my primary focus is at the moment. 🙂 Of the 28 eBooks I sold, 26 were on Amazon, and 2 were on GOOGLE PLAY. Not sure if any of my Minds frens picked Arcane Gateway up on Google Play, but FYI, whoever did is like top of my list right now due to the royalty rate there AND the fact that they pay every month. 💖 Now back to writing . . . . #promo #promoresults #newsletters #indieauthor #authorlife