THESE CHANGING TIMEs REQUIRE MENTALHEALTH SUPPORT WHAT is POSTROLOGY? ... GET YOUR MESSAGE OF WELLBEING POSTROLOGY? .... Created by Queen.B.Divine Poems written for the changing moon signs and the present sun sign. As the moon changes so does to our emotions. Poetry and Astrology blended together helping you tune in positivity...to navigate in a hectic society . New Moons ; a time to initiate projects, start a whole new cycle Full moon; A time complete ideas, #culmination of project, detox and ending. In between the changes moon signs Postrology may help navigate mental-health, wellness and emotional balance ......and it is fun. #horoscope #mentalhealth #astrology #mindscommunity Poetry and Astrology blended together.... a match made in heaven YOUR mental health MATTERS PLEASE don't miss a message !!!!