I seem to be one of the few people on Minds who holds that content needs to be treated on an image-by-image basis - without either a blanket condemnation or a blanket defense of entire genres. Loli has not been outlawed; depictions of sexual abuse against children has been, and SOME loli content falls into this category. Most of the pushback I get on this is that if I oppose ANY material which violates US Code 1466A (prohibiting the artistic depiction of minors being sexually abused), then I must hate #loli as a whole or even #anime as a whole. On the flip side, opponents of either loli or anime as a whole take my endorsement of law as endorsement of #pedophilia (because they're retarded, apparently). I have managed to have reasonable discussions with exactly TWO people to date on the subject, with everyone else conducting themselves in various flavors of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like they're still on Twitter. Perhaps the worst aren't even the ones who screech mindlessly, but who try to argue that John Ashcroft losing a case in 2001 means kiddie porn is legal so long as it doesn't depict a real child. You can point to that law being amended by Congress and put right back up, and you can point to an entirely separate law which flat-out states that it doesn't matter if the kid doesn't exist, and all that will happen is that they start saying that the law is wrong and also Hitler had laws and so on. BOTTOM LINE: this is about Minds' policy of NOT allowing users to trangress federal law. It's not about your opinions on what the laws SHOULD be. Go fight for your opinion in the courts. Go picket your local legislature. Write your Congresscritter. All of those things are your right to do - but what you DON'T have the right to do is crap in someone else's yard and try to drag THEM into your crusade for legalizing public defecation.