Somebody who is generous is called ‘rich by heart’. A person’s richness is not measured by the wealth he has, but the way he is able to share what he has with others - that is a mark of richness. There are several folk stories to illustrate this. I am reminded of an incident from my life. This happened nearly 50 years ago (if I remember it right it was in the year 1972). I was in the first year of my postgraduate course. My professor, who was an internationally known scholar was also generous to the fault. Every year, he would host a dinner for all his students (numbering to about 60) along with all the research scholars and members of the faculty, support staff in the department. (The total often stood at a little more than 100). We would gather at his house which had a sprawling courtyard. After some songs, skits, and networking, we would have dinner. His wife would personally supervise the dinner and made sure everyone present had enough and more to eat. On this occasion, I heard my professor say, ‘I wish I could have this more often. What it needs is generosity, and generosity is a matter of attitude and not money.’ These words have remained in my memory and I have often felt like following his example. He was the man who was rich in heart.Are you rich in heart?