Watched the four way debate between Brandon Tatum, Huber Avallone, and Vaush on Elijah Sheafer’s channel the other day, gotta say, absolute dumpster fire. Most online debates are dumpster fires, it’s two or more people talking over each other, tryin to score points, never convincing anyone outside of their audiences, and ultimately coming to no conclusions on either side. Always hate to see the Ref take sides and allow Hunter or Vaush to interrupt Tatum, even though he remained fairly cordial throughout the debate. Hunter was a fag as usual, I discount his opinion from the start because I know how the guy is, he’s become Vaush’s bitch, it had a weird tag team dynamic, with Hunter getting fucked in an argument and Vaush cooling him off with a prostate massage, petting him like a good boy. Vaush was Vaush. Again, opinion discarded.