Thanks for the wires @Kalaherty @rodfather (and @gamesimadeforfreya and a few others last year) So now I've got a little stake in the Minds economy without directly buying into it. That's cool. If it really takes off for me I'll connect a bank account if I need dollars, or get some onchain cryptos if the ethereum transaction fees ever return to earth. It's not quite "digital cash" but it's an equally frictionless way to toss someone a few bucks -- without big tech/banking apps (until Minds gets big). I'll save a little for boosts (when I'm ready to promote my game) and start spreading some around to users. I guess I'll give some to bigger creators who probably withdraw tokens to pay bills or invest, and some to smaller accounts like me who'll circulate tokens within the Minds economy to help it grow, because I know a lot of people are reluctant to connect a bank account or sign up for Minds+ to earn token rewards.