Science fiction in Star Trek Discovery [A RANT] The people who make Star Trek Discovery are more enamored by the IDEA of science than science itself. They use words that sound "sciency", but are ultimately meaningless gibberish. This meaningless gibberish is used to pad out episodes with useless filler that usually concludes with "we need this mcguffin to fix our problem". I liken it to an 4th grader who is quite taken with a demonstration where two chemicals mixed gives a dramatic reaction, and then says "I want to be a scientist when I grow up", but only because he likes to see the color of the reagent changing from bright purple to green He does not realize that most of science is in fact dumping colorless liquids into other colorless liquids and staring at screens that might or mightn't provide usable data that you need to put together before your next funding meeting or your funding would be pulled. So really, this child does not want to be a scientist, he wants to see colors change. He would be just as satisfied mixing paints together as chemical reagents. And that is the essence of Star Trek Discovery. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.