I think we might be looking at how the black hole works? If you think about the energy dynamics, the torroidal current, perhaps that is why galaxy's are predominantly disks with limbs. I can see where the whirlpool of spin from opposite polarity could create this vorticies. This gives a new breath to membrane theory, and makes sense considering the 4th state of water. You know, that line when a river enters the ocean, but its different temperature and salinity. Perhaps its mirrored pools, and when the whirlpools come into contact with each other, they lock, and make a lower dimensional surface anomaly that allows for the condensation of matter. This would explain a lot, depending on what theory you support for creation. It does allow the forces displayed in nature on Earth Mother Gaia, to also manifest in the larger spectrum. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1232115292686602240
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