Sins and Dangerous Croissants

On The Babylon Bee Weekly Podcast, Kyle and Ethan are joined by guest host, Pastor Craig Hamilton of Church Two42. They find the strangest of news like the police being called on a woman afraid of a croissant and Twitter censoring James O’Keefe for doing actual reporting. Kyle and Ethan hear about Pastor Craig’s fundraiser to build a church that isn’t in his front yard and play the game,‘Sin or Not Sin, where Pastor Craig lets you know if a well-done steak or jazzercise will be getting you in trouble with the good Lord. As always we end with our everlasting hate mail, this time coming from a YouTube commenter that was most likely wearing a mask when he made his comment. Donate to Pastor Craig's church here: Become a premium subscriber: The Official The Babylon Bee Store: Follow The Babylon Bee: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: