Gaia ~ Mother Earth ~ Mother Nature ~ In antiquity ~ the most binding of oaths or promises were made in her name. Whatever we called her ~ we knew we were one with her ~ we felt her kisses in the rain ~ her caresses in the breeze and we knew the earth was sacred ~ Using Mother Nature as our guide ~ we never went astray. Everything was connected. Everything was mystery or call it magic ~ if you will. Thus Mother Nature, the womb and the tomb of our sustenance and the nourishment of our being ~ magically restored us and brought us to wholeness ~ healing and oneness ~ Mother Nature has always been there for us and yet we have raped her ~ robbed her ~ polluted her and taken her for granted. To be one with her is to believe in her. To believe in her is to honor her. To honor her is to hold her sacred. For now and forever more. A simple oath (promise) for humanity ~ wouldn't you think? Thank you, dear friends, for the part you play in keeping that promise. 馃挍 Aurora ~ Happy Earth Day