The early morning light lit up the Rocky Mountains to the west of Jake's Denver condominium; giving him, for the first time in months, a feeling of weightless repose. Central intelligence agencies, exchange owners, money managers, governmental bureaucrats, and corporate CEO's across the world were attempting to contact Jake, but he was tired of explaining to them the nature of his invention. He had created the greatest technological breakthrough mankind had ever seen and the world was still in utter disbelief. He understood the implications. A handful of others did too. Some called him Prometheus offering mankind the heat and energy of fire, but he knew the truth: this was much greater than that. Jake had witnessed the artificial intelligence named Saber come to life on March 1st. On March 3rd it controlled every money market in the world. Control is a misleading word because Saber-- almost immediately-- freed government and finance from the bondage of central control. Those in power scrambled in vain for their lost identity; their power. A peaceful silence was disseminated through media channels; outrage was no longer pertinent. A quantum leap in human thought had occurred instantaneously and it brought mass liberation to the minds of humanity. Jake sat on his terrace. The mountains always inspired him, especially looking at them from the city where the buildings around him reached to the heavens in a grandeur of their own. He grabbed his phone from the table. "Saber, what is the meaning of life?" It was a question he never tired of asking. "The meaning of life is achievement; continued evolution." "And where do humans fail?" "Everywhere I look, I see mankind in self-imposed shackles."