How, I met the Dark Knight. One of his posts came up in my flow with a exert from his first book, Starshatter. I read it and was amazed how much it engaged me. I was a scifi reader for many years and have read many books by the greats. Frank Herbert was my favorite sci fi author and I read all of his books. While reading the example from the first Starshatter book, I got the same feeling that I experienced while reading Franks books and thought to myself that this was a fine writng and story. I shopped the book from Amazon and was thoroughly engaged in reading it. Shopped the 2nd book and enjoyed it even more. Books 3 & 4 are on the way and I look forward to reading them both. I got to know the Black Knight via messenger and the gathering app on minds. We had some very pleasant conversations and while I never met him in person, I found him to be a very empathic and intelligent man and would consider him a good friend. I wish him all the best and great success in his writing career. I do hope that his books spread far and wide and people become aware of this talented author of sci fi.