BEHOLD! #FizeekFriday I always get a lot of questions on Patreon and SubscribeStar (links in bio), which I respond to in posts there. Today, in honour of the sacred tradition of Fizeek Friday, I thought to respond to one such question here. Question: "Can I ONLY train calisthenics + climbing and not weightlift? Or is this program heretical and I should expect a visit from the Inquisition?" Answer: I talked to the Inquisition, and they said it was all good. I usually recommend everyone to hit the gym or train MMA. I say this for the sake of simplicity. Training calisthenics (chins and dips primarily) and climbing is definitely a reasonable course of action. Keep the following in mind: if training can be fun, then it is great, mate. Climbing is fun. Having a physical activity to look forward to several days a week does wonders for your mental well-being. Also, climbing does wonders for your hand and grip strength. Which in turn is great for grappling. I haven't climbed in a while, I must change this! Calisthenics videos: