I think I'm gonna do a video about this. Those of you paying child support in the United States need to be very careful. This guy is a non-attorney shill who's selling classes that will only end up in hardship and legal drama. I've reviewed his website and he appears to be practicing law without a license...which is a jailable offense in all 50 states. Make no mistake...this guy is cancer. After 25 years in family law and as a former MRA, I've seen many grifters like this over the years...guys like this harm men, not help them...then force them to pay for the privilege. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAmenOsirisGodofLaw/videos The main thrust of this guy's channel and his website is that no one should pay Title IV-D child support. He's shilling some kind of private webinar to supposedly teach people how to get their child support case dismissed. However, here's the rub. the Federal Title IV-D of the Social Security Act is not a child support enforcement agency. Nor is it a court. While they don't have direct authority to collect child support...they've also not created a federal agency to collect support either. This guy's argument on this is smoke and mirrors. Then on top of that, he completely ignores the fact that the authority to collect child support doesn't come directly from Title IV-D, it comes from state law. Further, there is no federal title IV-D agency that issues child support orders or withholding orders to garnish your wages. This is done at the state level, either through a traditional court order or an administrative order through the state child support enforcement agency authorized by state law. This grifters website, YouTube channel, and BS webinars he's shilling act as though these don't exist...hence the 3 card monte smoke and mirrors grift. It's giving guys false hope and turning them into ignorant litigators who will not only get sanctioned by the court by following this fool's advice, but may get jailed in the process...and let's not even discuss the fact that they'll lose all credibility for any future family law court actions they participate in.