NYPD Anti-Terrorism Unit Targets Peaceful Protesters

Naomi Karavani reports on the leaked NYPD report that revealed how they have been using anti-terrorism tactics against peaceful protesters. Although the report is filled with comic gems its implications are heavy. It's obvious the police were using draconian measures across the country over the last summer of racial justice protests and the intimidation helps silence legitimate dissent. Watch the full episode: ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube. They will be on the free video streaming platform “Portable TV.” All segments of Redacted Tonight will STILL be on YouTube but for the full episodes download the free app at Full episodes will still be available at ~ Watch Lee's newest Stand-Up Comedy Special for free here – ~ Our videos are heavily suppressed by YouTube and Facebook. Please help us avoid censorship by sharing this if you see fit. And join my email list by texting "REDACTED" to (844) 385-1666. It's free and quick. You can also join at