I am a self professed groupie of Black Knights. I have read all his stories in his Blogs on Minds I have read all of his stories on Patreon. If you are a fan of cliffhangers they are the Bomb! I have read all 6 of his Books at least twice and the third one three times. And message him daily to see if there is anything new. Oh yeah sorry (I have short term memory lose so forgive me if I write the way I talk) One of those Amazing stories on Patreon he tells me is about me. Find the one about the cookies. I met Knight on Parler at the lowest time in my life and then the world turned upside down. Thru his Books and talking with him I got back to life And then we lost Parler. Because I am his Patron on Patreon we could still talk. He convinced me to join Minds even though I was reluctant I trusted him I can't wait to see the next adventure he takes me on. And because it's written in a story I can go back to it again and again 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃殌