Just started watching this it's such a good show.

Mr. Robot

Even if you don't like it, Mr. Robot is undeniably a very unique show with lots of great ideas. It's biggest crime to this day is how much it stole from Fight Club, which is now more or less forgiven by everyone. The whole show and the world of it is full of details. The title of every episode is very closely tied to the story and the fact that they are hackers in the show itself. There are actual websites from the world of the show, reddit pages from 2015 (the year the show is in), and so on. The descriptions for each episode on Amazon Prime are really funny too. Mental illness, hacking, and economics are all pretty accurately and realistically predicted in the show, that make the world all the more interesting. I don't want to say too much, but watch the first few episodes. If you like Elliot and who he is, than continue with it, and always watch it like it's his show, because it is. It is about him. Thank you Sam Esmail! You are amazing.