I suspect a lot of the reason so many academic temperament types turn to Marxism and other Marxian ideologies is that they're simultaneously not good at making money, smarter than average, and suckers for theoretical constructs that "would work" if only people were smarter. I don't think a lot of people realize how much resentment gets boiled up in people who are smart but too impractical to know how to make money, especially when they see "dumb" people making more money. Overproducing these bourgeois types is very dangerous to any society. Wokeness isn't Marxism, but it's a Marxian ideological worldview, and it's great for smart, bourgeois people to gain status and influence even where they can't make money. It's very geared toward exactly that kind of striver who is otherwise economically displaced right now. The problem with this educated bourgeois overproduction is that these smart incompetents are extremely likely to blame systems rather than themselves for being bad at making money compared to their more practical and socially competent peers, plus, they get "expert entitlement." Social theories that require being sorta smart but not really insightful (midwit stuff) like Wokeness, Critical Theory, Marxism, etc, are very attractive to this kind of person who can gain status and influence by rattling off theoretical nonsense (about problematics). More importantly, these "systemic"-based social theories allow for the externalizing of blame, responsibility, and loss of control, which is psychologically necessary to people who can't countenance the fact that smart ≠ valuable or competent in a real economy. The above was taken from a man off Facist Book. It would not let me link to the og Post.