I am tentatively returning to the online world of Antisocial Media platforms. I spent the past year upgrading my psionic defense capabilities, inscribing protective sigils on hardware and in software, and drawing shielding wards around both my inbound and outbound data connections. I have some ethical concerns about uploading my artwork, which may encourage others to log in to experience my content. This creates more risk for my audience who will certainly absorb more soul poison. I highly encourage fellow humans, and fully or partially sentient bots, to focus on being aware of the dark influences present here. Strive to be aware of how you are being manipulated and exploited on these Outrage and Anxiety Porn platforms. If you are here, you are being manipulated and exploited. If you are here, and you are copy-pasting about politics, causes, products and conspiracies, you are being exploited as a propaganda and social manipulation virus vector. It is easy to become ensnared into a temporary human-golem-bot-net. We are legion, and we are one! Love and Unity, -IRevrend Brainskan XIII #TheMystics #Cult #originalcontent