Contest is complete! 1st place = 5 tokens = @katsuakira ...............u..10..c..1 = 11 1st 2nd place = 3 tokens = @darthmonkey ............u..7..c..2 = 9 2nd 3rd place = 2 tokens = @upwithtrees ............u..7..c..1 = 8 3rd This #kaelianasgamerewards contest will be a meme contest. Post your favorite videogame themed meme. Use one you like or create a new one!! Enter as many times as you like by posting your meme in the comments. People can only win 1 prize. Winners will be chosen by upvotes and replies to their comment (Meme). Any donations on this post will go to future contests. The more donations, the higher the prizes will be for the next contest!! :D @azzerac donated tokens for this contest. Thank you! Winners will be announced May 1st. (date changed due to the loss of previous comments.)