@ChrisMadzier My Friends Circle *Weekly Remind Post!* Always Use Original Post to Join Link Below!

To Become one of my circle of friends in this post that each friend will remind weekly is, 1. Sub to @ChrisMadzier and all channels above U in comments, (Unless U are Blocked) 2. Leave a comment saying, @chrismadzier done 3. Remind the Original Post Only or U will be deleted. 4. All channels on the comments above U will upvote your comment verifying U have subscribed to them. (number of upvotes will match the number of comments or members above U) 5. Each Channel in My Friends Circle will be required to Quote the Post Weekly Once I Remind It tagging me on it to verify, this will be done after I add new channels to My Friends Circle, channel tag list below. 6. All Channels in My Friends Circle Must Remind Weekly to Stay Active in My Friends Circle (if U are going to unavailable to remind for some reason all friends will have one week pass automatically, more than one week I must be notified or U will be deleted prior to the next weeks reminding of this post) 7. If U are already sub to me U must still join My Friends Circle post to be included in this weekly post. 8.Welcome to My Friends Circle Weekly Remind Post!! :-)))) Back Link to Original Post https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1229971208684838912 CHANNEL TAG LIST @ladyred @RedDragonLS @ChrisDoogood @darkinmyeyes @fractalizer @chrisfotographik @joshgwilliam @joshlinzz @miad33s @allyinspirit @mindofmyown @darrenatherton @Rushofwaves @mailoff @apayne @Shannon222 #MadzOfficialCreations #MyFriendsCircleWeeklyRemind #MindFriendCircle #Minds #MadzFriendsCircle