Keep in mind the same people who supposedly wrote the “Word of God,” are the same people your sons, daughters, nephews, neices, fathers and mothers have died for, and will continue to die for, in the phony/fake/absurd, “War on Terror,”….as long as our government is owned by Zionist Jews, and as long as stupid zionist Christendom backs IsRaHell, regardless of how evil they are or how many innocent Palestinians they murder, the bloodshed will continue! It’s all well and good as long as it’s happening “over there,” “across the pond.” People will sing a different tune when they realize it’s been happening here via abortions, vaccinations, chemtrails, goyim on goyim crime, BLM, Antifa, wars for zionism, etc etc, and it is only going to get worse! Covid is merely the latest of their tricks, killing people with vaccinations….ISRAEL IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! PLEASE!