Congress wanting to stack SCOTUS isn't even a big deal. We all know by now the left craves power and will do anything to get it, if no one is willing or able to put a stop to it we'll just keep sliding towards disaster. Frankly at this point we're doomed, the cracks have been showing for a while, but the true collapse is inevitable. Anyone still trying to prop up this corpse of a country is wasting their time, my advice is pretty simple at this point: plan accordingly. They will eventually outright ban guns, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they pass some reparations bill too to boot. Also, if you're hoping for a GOP snapback in 2022 you're an even bigger fool than the drones who cheer for Biden. We're talking about the same GOP that stood down and let this farce of an election pass just so they could go back to their usual grift. Even if the snapback occurs it will all be party-approved RINOs.