JOE BIDEN AND THE PASSING OF PRINCE PHILLIP There's a bit of a kerfuffle going on in British media about the time it took "President" Joe Biden to send a message of condolence after news of the death of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, husband and consort of Queen Elizabeth of England. Apparently Nancy Pelosi and Presidents Bush, Clinton and Trump were all quicker off the mark than The White House. To be fair I think we ought to cut Joe and his handlers a bit of slack here. Before anything could get done today they had to clean up after Joe threw his porridge around because he'd wanted Cap'n Crunch. Then there was a potty accident.When the team finally got down to work it took a while to explain why they were talking about Britain, a place that he conquered in 1776. Next he struggled to get his head round the fact that Ru Paul is a queen, not The Queen. After that he thought Prince Philip, The Duke of Earl invented the Phillips screwdriver. Then he thought it was the President of the Philippines who died. Finally, he had to be convinced that, no, Joe does not now become Queen of England. And finally someone hit on the idea of taking him to the basement and just sending a standard message with his name on the bottom.