Bill Gates & The "New World Order" Depopulation Vaccine SCAMDEMIC 2 - PART 3 OF 4 [OFFICIAL RELEASE]

Official Release Date 4/4/2021 - This Part contains CRISPR-Cas12 proven to be in "Speedy" Swab Tests, endless Empty Hospitals, Mainstream TV talking about "Sterilizing" the populations "caught" on camera and exposed as possible deliberate Freudian slip to sucker the audience into echo chambers, (which will be explained in future Parts), Bill Gates "caught red handed" with "Coronaboner", Part 3 proves this film series, which started with a specific speculation about CRISPR being brought into the COVID story, when there was no evidence of this at the time that CRISPR is indeed since April 2020 being used in conjunction with "Coronavirus(s)" in CRISPR Laboratories around the world and that the industry is involved in the "battle against Coronavirus", Matt Hancock exposed as "CRISPR Salesman" Acting As A "Politician" several examples of COVID-19 Experimental "Vaccine" Damaged Individuals including registered Nurses even going as far as taking them on LIVE TV only to meet the floor on air, Zionist Covidian Acting in the heart of Israel, S.I.M.P.ish "men" (Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pussy) get a roasting by Greg, A "NAZI Lying Dramaqueen" also gets ROASTED by Greg, NHS ghosting family members whom are trying to help their own family as if they don't exist, Masks creating disobedience explained, Police assaulting a young woman with 2 children in broad daylight due to Mind Control and Covidian Brainwashing bullying women in front of children as a "job" only to get debunked by their own Sergeant, "Changing Behavior That Can Kill People" demonstrated perfectly by the Mainstream Media, Sir Simon Stevens gets completely and utter debunked as a liar and propagandist fraud, the Georgia Guidestones explained, other interests of Bill Gates covered (Geoengineering Weather Modification, The Doomsday Seed Vault, Lab Grown Meat and MANY more) Finely Tuning Depopulation System Definitions, Police in France marching against forced vaccinations, Wexner/Epstein Link from the Occult world to the Public world explained, Covidian Psychology Broken Down & Explained in more depth, Decoding Reality and much much more.