[My indexing "system" failed and I can no longer find this unsearchable post, so I'm reconstructing it.] Gonna keep on rock and rolling till my jeans explode… welcome to Wodensdæg and accordingly to another Song for Odin™ installment. And by installment I mean yours truly playing “Rock and Roll Love Letter” at the Troubadour in West Hollywood during a solo interlude at an MTX show, March 2015. https://youtu.be/sRjdOuigKyw This was one of the first handful of shows we did since re-constituting ourselves as a band with Jaz playing drums. The first performance of this MTX iteration was a brief surprise set at the King Dork Approximately book release party at 1–2–3–4 Go! Records in Oakland in December 2014. Subsequently, Joe King persuaded me to take the band on the road once again. I was greatly skeptical and reticent. It seemed like a totally crazy thing to do, but, what the hell, I figured, let’s give it a shot, as much as a pretext to see Joe again as anything. So we did some shows with the Queers, including this one, and they went great. And we were, unlikely as it seemed, a band again. Hard to believe that was four years ago. Anyhow, I pulled this song out spontaneously without having rehearsed it and though I flubbed lyrics here and there I pretty much got it alright overall. (It’s a challenging song to articulate comfortably, even when you remember it all.) It has always been one of my favorite songs. It was written and first recorded by singer-songwriter-rocker Tim Moore, but is far better known as a Bay City Rollers song, which was an international mega-hit, and, as a rock and roll / pop single, it ranks as a true classic. I first heard it (obviously) in Bay City Rollers form like everybody else. That’s the “cleaned up” version though. The original is a sludgy, sprawling, somewhat dirty, adolescently desperate, libidinous love poem set to music, with some great guitar playing as well. Though two of the three verses are intact in the BRC single, you hardly notice how weird, awkward, and over-the-top they are, qua lyrics, till you hear them in the original. The BCR missing verse is the one about there being “no romance living in the USA.” It kind of sounds to me like there’s an edit in the BCR recording, so maybe they recorded the whole thing and snipped it out. And I see their point if so: they were Scots, plus “electricity’s a devil” is really hard to cram into that line, rhythmically. It was through this song that I discovered Tim Moore, who was a powerhouse singer-songwriter, too idiosyncratic and unwashed for the mainstream bigtime but of course all the more interesting for that. I expect he made a great big huge pile of money from the royalties for this song: I hope he didn’t spend it all in one place, or that the Bentley, guns, and drugs were worth it if not. I always wanted to record this as an MTX song, but the Records covered it first (in the full Tim Moore version, but with some nice, rockin’ arrangement twists) and I’d never dare to compete with their vastly superior competence. Maybe there’s another Tim Moore song to try, though. I’ll look into it. “Sweet Navel Lightning” maybe. But I digress. I think I’ve only played this song a couple of times, including this, and I’m glad it was captured. It plays in my head all the time. Please like, subscribe, share, comment, and do the thing where you go about your day being genuinely kind to people but not getting in their face to any great degree. Just smile and leave each other more or less alone unless drastic measures are called for. For this, my friends, is the real love, the kind you can’t buy in shops. Peace. notes: — Tim Moore — “Rock and Roll Love Letter”: https://youtu.be/uGfMzzTSC1c — Bay City Rollers — “Rock and Roll Love Letter”: https://youtu.be/MNLdOx5zcRs — The Records — “Rock and Roll Letter”: https://youtu.be/T1TrTG2CvDE — Tim Moore — “Sweet Navel Lightning”: https://youtu.be/XHXjnfu-7u4 #music #songs #video