Have you seen this yet America !? I made this 2 show others what is denied but #inplainsight & I healed first so U could help heal 鈥AGA next .. (as it鈥檚 my name ) mission accomplished -operation 鈥淲ARN 鈥UMANRACE鈥 = 鉁 while having multiple #NDE experiences btw: knowing the facts .. & having read the PDFs that align with newer court docs in bio *plz save yourself from 鈥ind-control & warn others; just read about the 鈥anipulation & 鈥gnorance of our people please 鉂わ笍 I DID as in 鈥rojectbizarre manipulation of 鈥thos by dark MAGIS using my name as their sigil to monopolize America is exposed$ as leeching energy wow & others called me names! Haha 馃槅 Ya! Like confused or crazy -well before I uploaded proof backing up all I鈥檝e shared* it鈥檚 not opinion based it鈥檚 fact. Symbolism & Etymology reveal this + my maker is only 鈽濓笍one 2 judge me. Worry about getting right with yours: am all good here馃檹 This full clip was posted pre race wars or lockstep as I鈥檝e been warnin ..4 years & healing from the weight of it all becoming larger then just me: = which saved me *so thank you 馃檹 we the People * U complete me #MAGA This requires consent 2 continue & we do not America * pls note why they titled this PSYOP years ago { #MINDWAR } cyberwarfare depicting attack of consciousness ^using eachother *long before its used against like so- now* 馃摵 馃摬 Also yes ties in 2 the disruption our bodies 鈥itochondria 鈥斺> 馃拪 <鈥攊s always connected to more info + not theory but fact* toxins in & out synergistically working against us by basically killing your own health *attacking your CNS etc.. *magic like WiFi or beliefs runs in ethos- electromagnetic & #EMtorture #MichaelAquino 猸曪笍 鈥entagon official Open High Witch who uses my name 鈽濓笍2 refer 2 his satanist women * noted in clip* with some other occult symbols surely u will recognize YES as America has always been Masonic bloody roots 鈥渁s above so below鈥 nothing has changed* nothing new !! Use your 鈥lchemicalimagination 鈥umanrights 鈥overeignty #intellectualalchemy 鈥ithinwhenwithout https://twitter.com/abuxompony/status/1293401976831541249?s=12
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