4 FULL YEARS OF BIDEN? ( Who Could Endure Such A Thing? ) ======by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Brief Analysis) If given 4 full years as President, Biden could turn this country upside down and divide it even further. He could literally destroy America as we know it and that is not hyperbole. Without an active non-violent resistance, Biden & the globalists might succeed at ushering in their Global Reset & One World Global Disorder. I believe Biden is a villian but his handlers are even worse. These are uncertain times and trying to forecast America's near future has proven to be a difficult one. There are just too many variables and too many possibilities. But most of us are asking the same questions. How many years will we have to endure Joe Biden acting as the Imposter in Chief? Four whole years? Can we even endure such a thing? Will he be forced to step down due to dementia? Will Kamala take his place or will someone other than Kamala replace him? Will election fraud overturn the 2020 election & place Trump in the White House as the rightful 46? These are the many questions (and more) that many us have - Me included. I would imagine that only God knows the answer to these questions but what I do know, is that I hope we don't have to endure 4 full years of this Kooky Administration. That would be asking a whole heck of a lot from all of us. With that said, I'm prepared to go the full four years with this illegitimate President if need be. I pray not, but my resolve is already set to resist. I will continue to resist and act in non-compliance to every illegal & unlawful act he tries to administer. PEACE