Nooo, Not Hunter Biden, Silly...馃榿 2019, It's the Russia Collusion HOAX. Let's just look at this a little more closely with the benefit of time and truth, and ponder how this Russia HOAX was perpetrated, and who all made it exceedingly possible. [Under Breath with a Cough - "Rod Rosenstein"] Then...Let's look at those numbers, and realize that is how many times they attacked our President...and were DENIED... Then, I cannot help myself...Logic would Dictate there is Much More to Come. That Justice Must be Served. If We Do Nothing...We are ever the fools dooming all future generations...that's on us. The Bad Guys are Not ever going to Turn themselves in...It will only Stop, When we Stop Allowing it to Perpetuate without Consequence. Nobody has been held Accountable for the Fake Phony and False Russia Collusion Delusion Hoax. Is that okay with you? It's NOT okay with me... The Media LIED to Us for OVER 700 Lies a DAY, for OVER 700 Days in a Row, during the Great Russia HOAX/WITCH HUNT... KNOWINGLY. PURPOSEFULLY. PROGRAMMING. Absorb that for a minute, would'ja... Families were torn apart, Marriages Broken, Friendships Severed...Over Purposeful LIES...Designed to Set-up our Duly Elected President...The Man We The People Chose in such Great Numbers that the Democrats didn't Cheat enough, even though they thought they had. They were STUNNED. Then fast forward to the 2020 Elections...and the Dems Way OVER Cheated...馃槃 So much so, that it's mathematically IMPOSSIBLE that Joe Biden could even get those numbers to begin with...You Remember what Mathematically Impossible means, right? If Facts, Truth, Logic, and Justice still hold ANY Value...Then we're not even close to finished yet. We live in a Live Simulation Experiment, and The Powers that Be, Just play us like a game, introducing information and stimuli to see how we will Respond or React...Now that we are aware of this...It's time to beat them at their own game. Remember, Complacency is what allows for all of this Obvious Ridiculousness. Stop Pretending and Playing by Their Rules...Let's Change it Up and Move The Goal Posts on them. Think-Think-Think