Magical Woman Adobe Kroger Update 4 If you want to see Merch made of her type "Merch" in the comments.

I have almost finished her. I plan on giving her a BG when I am done with my other work. If you guys really like the turn out and want to see merch made of her. Please reply with "Merch" in the comments. I want to take a count of it. This is a character from a comic by someone else in the @mythoversecomics by the name of Adobe Kroger. It is in the process of a campaign so I thought I would make some fan art to celebrate! Been working on the digital line art of this. I plan on both coloring her digitally and coloring her with copic. I hope you all enjoy the outcome. I will be placing progress more updates today as I am currently working in her at the moment digitally. Colored version coming soon~ Please keep an eye out. If you wish to support the campaign I will be putting a link for it down below. As always thank you all so much for your support! I couldn't have gotten this far without all of you. Much love! #mythoverse #adobekroger #digitalart #fanart #strawbunny