[2021] 30,000+ Attend Anti-Lockdown March In Holland [sd 360p]

This video is not in English, so unless you speak the native language of this video, it can be hard to make some things out. This was from an anti-lockdown March in Holland in well, March, of 2021. With what at best guess was at least 30,000+ people participating. It also seems as if the military might also be siding with the people and protecting them from the tyrant police, however -- not being able to speak the language, I can't verify that. Regardless of what the finer point details are or are not, it is good to see people not putting up with dystopian bullshit. I was given the original Facebook link by Max Igan of The Crowhouse: WATCH / DOWNLOAD -- Original Facebook Post (until Zuckerberg nukes it): On BitChute: On Minds: On LBRY / Odysee: On Rumble: On NewTube: exceeds 500MB limit On Brighteon: On UGEtube: