I'm trying not to let Zack Snyder's personal behavior affect my opinion one way or the other about his Justice League film. It's much better than Whedon's version, the action is really great; and like I said already, in grand male feminist fashion, Whedon depicted women in a weird sexist way. Something I appreciate about Snyder is that he seems to get that superheroes are like modern Greek mythology, and that the idealized human form isn't just about the characters being sexually attractive, although that's part of it. But it's also about god-like physiques metaphorically representing heroic qualities like truth and honor. He idealizes both male and female bodies the same way, which is appropriate. But I can't disagree with ya boi Zack either, despite all that there's a sophomoric edgy side to Snyder that contradicts this and I think drags him down. His characters look like gods, but don't always act like them. At least not the type of gods that superheroes are supposed to be. They're too petty and violent. Too pagan or Old Testament, if you will. There's a reason Western culture over time evolved away from the bickering dysfunctional family of the Olympians, and toward a more abstract and enlightened version of the divine representing higher principles. Snyder's vision isn't so grown up, it's stunted. Patty Jenkins' first Wonder Woman film felt a lot closer to what people expect - and deserve - from their mythic heroes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQJlvmzgr8g