Walmart plans to issue CommonPass passport with vaccines. People who get Covid-19 shots at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club stores may soon be able to verify their vaccination status at airports, schools and other locations [IAF: WHAT other locations?!] using a health passport app on their smartphones. “Walmart is the first huge-scale administrator of vaccines that is committing to giving people a secure, verifiable record of their vaccinations,” said Paul Meyer, the chief executive of the Commons Project Foundation, a nonprofit in Geneva that has developed health passport apps. “We think many others will follow.” If major retailers, banks, are all in cahoots on this, what state you are in ceases to be relevant. Texas grocery stores are still requiring masks, for example. And this is poised to morph into no in-person shopping without the vax. #news #vaccinepassport #walmart #antivaccers #outlawed